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BBQ Boot Camp Week 5

This week you're gonna learn how to do ribs RAMBO style!

Failsafe way to cook your ribs to perfection every single time!
Your guests will be razzled and dazzled.

Miss Claudia and I are also proud to announce that we are going to be promoting some very up and coming bands. Some are Celtic Rock and others will be mainstream.
Today, at the end of the show, we will be featuring music from "Need Fire".

Be sure to check out their site at:

Tell him ol' Bob sent you over...

Don't forget our MySpace page -
Sign up to be our friend - you'll see our daughter, Miss Catie, there too!

Boot Camp - Week 4

Smoke on the Water

Hot Smoke, Cold Smoke, Keepin' Food Moist and Developing a Truly Tasty Smoked Piece of Meat!


BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

Edited by Miss Claudia to add:
Bob is gettin' sick of doin' Boot Camp - he says it's cuttin' his creativity off.
We need to hear from you guys...ya want boot camp or more recipes?
Let us know...
We love ya!

Corn your own brisket for the best corned beef of your life!
Grab the recipe from Hickory Lickory show with a pint of Guinness or your best home brew and celebrate Bob style!

Miss Claudia was off mic for this show - so sorry if she's not that clear.
She was helping me prepare the big meal for the day!
God Bless!

BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

Sorry for taking so long with this show - we're back on track now.

BBQ Bob's BBQ Boot Camp Week 3
Low and Slow
We are going to low crawl through this objective. You will learn by the numbers and I will teach you!
Secrets to consistent and great bbq!

God Bless!

BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

Here's one for today - this is not part of our 13 weeks of Boot Camp - this is strictly for Super Bowl Sunday! Week 3 of Boot Camp is comin' soon so hold yer horses!

Go Bears!

BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

As of this posting - the Bears are down 12 points....OH NO!
Miss Claudia is NOT HAPPY!

We're goin' into the thick of battle. Learning how to secure our heat zones. Talk about thickness of meat and attention to detail.

Welcome to RECON!


Don't forget to visit our messageboard - we need help getting this started.
Miss Claudia needs a volunteer to help get it rolling and moderated - for beer and bbq of course!

Your mission is to build a fire and learn how to control the temperature.
Easier said than done!
Get to work!


Hey everyone!
Happy New Year!
It's back to the basics with BBQ Bob! Bob is announcing his BBQ Boot Camp - 13 intensive weeks of basic bbq training.
In the meantime, enjoy a little R&R with this super delicious IPA brewed in honor of the fighting men and women in Iraq.
Full Metal Jacket IPA

God Bless!

BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

Next show starts Bob's BBQ Boot Camp - so stay tuned.

This show is marked explicit for some bad language in the beginning audio (not Bob!)

BBQ Bob's New Year's Eve Sausage Party!

Happy New Year!
The perfect way to send out the old and bring in the new - with Bob's big ol' sausage. winking
The most tasty sausage you'll ever eat - and he's givin' it to ya!

God Bless!
BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

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Get the recipe here:

BBQ Bob makes his famous Southern Comfort Fruit Cake.
Not your typical fruit cake recipe....
You'll love this and it makes a wonderful present!
Bob always makes a lot of these to pass out to friends and family....they make everyone very MERRY!

Next show will be up by Sunday, Christmas Eve!

God Bless!

BBQ Bob and Miss Claudia

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